Versatile Spectroradiometer多功能光谱辐射计

The Versatile Spectroradiometer (VSR)是一个高精密的傅里叶变换红外光谱辐射计 (FT-IR)。 它可以高速,稳定的在不同的环境下运行,不管是在实验室还是在机载以及高振动环境下。 VSR 能够对低速或者高速目标提供实时高精度光谱信息, 以及材料分析和目标特性分析.

  • 高灵敏度: 跟filter-based or dispersive 类仪器相比VSR可以捕捉到更多的光子。
  • 速度快,运行稳定: The VSR sweeping mechanism operates in any direction and in presence of vibrations. Multiple software-selectable speeds are available.
  • 波段宽: 覆盖近红外,中波红外,长波红外和超长波红外波段.
  • High-efficiency beamsplitter/combiner: Non-hygroscopic and optimized for the 1 to 20µm spectral range
  • 超高光谱分辨率:拥有高灵敏度的同时,VSR具有非常高的光谱分辨率
  • Flexible spectral resolution: 根据您的实验要求,可以在软件中设定光谱分辨率
  • LN2-free operation: A high-emissivity thermo electric cooler-controlled reference is provided in input port 2, offering rock-solid stability without the need for cryogens.
  • Robust telescope options: The VSR™ field-of-view can be adjusted by an easy switch of telescopes. No alignment is required, thanks to collimated beam interfaces.
  • Unmatched usability and field support: The VSR™ provides extensive housekeeping data recording (temperatures and voltages) as well as built-in remote access via TCPIP. Just plug the VSR™ to the Internet and a LR Tech expert can perform health monitoring and obtain an accurate diagnostic in minutes.
  • 方便简洁的操作软件: The EDGAR™ software provides radiance, irradiance or brightness temperature feedback in real-time to simplify data validation in the field. This fully scriptable software allows automating tasks and increase of productivity. Basic scripts are provided. EDGAR™ supports a variety of industry-standard formats, including Matlab™, NETCDF, 16-bit and 32-bit binary formats.
  • Sealed interferometer module
  • LN2-free second input port cold source
  • MWIR (InSb) and LWIR(MCT) detectors
  • SWIR (InGaAs) detector (Optional)
  • Boresight video camera (Optional)
  • Spectral calibration
  • Radiometric calibration external sources (Optional)
  • Ruggedized field computer (Optional)
  • 三脚架 (Optional)
  • Edgar control, data acquisition and data processing software
  • Real-time radiometric calibration
  • Remote connection using TCP/IP
  • Transport cases