The office of emergency management of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded a contract to LR Tech in 2004 to overhaul the control of the ASPECT high speed infrared spectrometer. Since then, EPA has recently replaced their previous LR Tech upgraded FT-IR system by the newly released LR Tech Versatile Spectroradiometer (VSR) instrument. The VSR instrument installed on ASPECT airborne platform consist of a VSR with optional LR Tech calibration source and pointing mirror system.

“Based near Dallas, Texas, and able to deploy within one hour of notification, ASPECT is the nation’s only airborne real-time chemical and radiological detection, infrared and photographic imagery platform. ASPECT is available to assist local, national, and international agencies supporting hazardous substance response, radiological incidents, and situational awareness in the US. ASPECT is available 24/7/365 and can be collecting data at any site in the continental US within nine hours.” (Quote from EPA website)